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Book of Inspirational Poetry

When you need a place to turn to give your heart a lift,
Because of Christ Inspirational Poetry celebrates the
Faith, hope and love you can have in our
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Click the link below for preview and purchase.

Because of Christ Inspirational Poetry

1. Cover Front


The Peace of God

The Peace of God2

My Book – Because of Christ Inspirational Poetry

Does your heart need uplifted?

Are you looking for peace and comfort?

May these words of poetry be an

Encouragement for all of your days,

Uplifting you in Godly ways.

Because of Christ Inspirational Poetry

01. Book Cover Rose


Peace and Gladness

Peace and Gladness-1


He Stands Ready

He stands Ready-2


God is Never Late

God is Never Late

Blessed Are We

Blessed are We

He Carries Us

He Carries Us

Turn to Me

Turn to Me

He is Always There


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