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God’s Blessings in Nature

While gazing at the
Snow covered mountains,
It is then I begin to know,
That standing in their splendor,
They reflect a reverent glow.

Then glancing further upward,
Toward the sky graced with blue,
There’s no doubt in my mind,
God created this heavenly hue.

Looking down upon the earth,
With a view so grand to behold,
All of nature’s beauty
Is a story being told.

The trees, flowers, mountains and hills
Are all taking a stand,
Calling to mind that all of God’s bounty,
Is created by His blessed Hand.


His Caring Hand


He cares for the land
With His strong right hand;
Flowing streams
Are filled with water,
Because of the
Caring hand of The Potter.

The hills are clothed with gladness,
The care of His hand
They will always know;
The meadows and valleys
Display His vastness,
The flowers of the desert overflow.

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