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Book of Inspirational Poetry

When you need a place to turn to give your heart a lift,
Because of Christ Inspirational Poetry celebrates the
Faith, hope and love you can have in our
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Because of Christ Inspirational Poetry

1. Cover Front


God’s Creations

80a. God's Creations

His Caring Hand

75a. His Caring Hand


A Flower

A Flower

God’s Blessings in Nature

God's Blessings in Nature



Because of Christ Inspirational Poetry

When your heart needs a lift,

May these words of poetry encourage you.


1. Cover Front

All Things in God’s Hands


When we move

Throughout our day

And things don’t go as planned,

We have the

Comfort of knowing,

All things are in God’s Hands.

Mom, God’s Light & Love

Any day of the week, any hour of the day,
My Mom displayed love, in her own, special way.

Encouragement she conveyed, that through life we can glide;
As long as we have Jesus, forever as our Guide.

Though we may endure strife as we stroll through life,
We needed only her smile, and we were comforted all the while.

Our vision can be hindered with a faded view;
Only to think of Mom’s love, and our vision will renew.

She had a light within that was always burning bright;
This aura was a gift, that was precious in God’s sight.


A Flower, Poem on You Tube

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