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Lord, God, Savior


God’s Faithfulness

God's Faithfulness

Peace, Love & Happiness

Peace, Love & Happiness

Rejoice and be Glad

Rejoice and Be Glad

God’s Faithfulness

As we trust in God’s faithfulness,

And on His love we can depend,

Hope gives way to peace,

And happiness without end.


A Flower

A Flower



When Springtime arrives,

And makes its annual debut;

God splashes beauty

Upon His earth,

In multi colors anew.

Jesus is Praying For Us

Jesus is praying for us,
In the morning and
Throughout our day;
Hoping that in each of our steps,
We’ll hear what He has to say.

While listening for His tender mercies,
That only God from on High will bring;
Like music falling down from Heaven,
His Words we will hear Him sing.



It’s Your Day

It's Your Day

God’s Blessings in Nature


While gazing at the snow covered mountains,

It is then I begin to know,

That standing in their splendor,

They reflect a reverent glow.

Then glancing further upward,

Toward the sky graced with blue,

There’s no doubt in my mind,

God created this heavenly hue.

Looking down upon the earth,

With a view so grand to behold,

All of nature’s beauty

Is a story being told.

The trees, flowers, mountains and hills

Are all taking a stand,

Calling to mind that all of God’s bounty,

Is created by His blessed Hand.

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