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He’ll Guide Us

Rays of Fuscia

When we live our lives through Jesus,
And in His name we take a stand;
He’ll guide us along life’s pathway,
And gently take us by the hand.


God’s Creations


The birds are singing
And I am breathing,
The fresh, cool breeze
Making its way through the trees.

 The trees are bending
As the wind blows;
And the branches therein
Put on quite a show.

 The colors of the meadow
Never having been tainted,
Display God’s reverent artistry
He has so lovingly painted.

 The royal blue sky
Lies so brilliantly up above;
A perfect backdrop for all of nature,
Created by God’s infinite love.

Because of Christ Inspirational Poetry

1. Cover FrontRecently, I had a book of poetry published titled “Because of Christ Inspirational Poetry”, containing poems to encourage and uplift you.

When you need a place to turn to give your heart a lift, Because of Christ Inspirational Poetry celebrates the faith, hope and love we can have in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My poems are filled with God‘s love, peace and comfort, to bring encouragement for all of your days, and to uplift you in Godly ways. These words of poetry remind us that, He is our Friend, His love and devotion will never end, and to our needs He will always tend. It’s my prayer that, with God’s love infused in poetry, words of inspiration will be spread
for all to see. God bless you, and may His glory shine brightly upon you, in the light of His eternal love.

The book is available for sale and preview on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble at the following links:



Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

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