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Book of Poetic Prayers

Because of Christ, A Collection of Poetic Prayers

A new collection of poems to uplift and inspire you
through the power of prayer.

Available for preview and purchase at:


Book 2 Cover


When Times are Rough

When Times are Rough


When we are overwhelmed, peace and protection are ours through God’s Son, Jesus Christ.  Jesus said, “In Me, you may have peace”.

A Safe Haven

A Safe Haven

He Carries Us

He Carries Us

He is The Cure

He is The Cure

He is Always There


All Things in God’s Hands


When we move

Throughout our day

And things don’t go as planned,

We have the

Comfort of knowing,

All things are in God’s Hands.

He’ll Guide Us, Poem on You Tube



God is Sitting at the Helm


We must live in faith daily,

Though trials overwhelm;

For God in His goodness

Is sitting at The Helm.

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